Expansion and Development of Public Transport Services

This project aims at the expansion of the Emirate’s transport networks in line with the increasing population growth and providing bus public transport services for the largest segment of the Emirate residents through creation of three completely new intra-emirate transport lines inclusive of the bus stations which will amount to (25) stations distributed in a way that would ensure serving the largest possible number of public transport users.


Tracking Systems Project

Installation of tracking systems on the Corporation’s taxis and public transport vehicles to enhance control over the transport sector, monitor the fleet movement and ensure that it performs in a more effective manner to provide the best modern methods hence meeting the customers needs and ensuring their safety and security


Corporate Governance Procedures 12016/2017

This initiative includes structuring and setting up the institutional framework at Ajman Public Transport Corporation. This project aims at developing the appropriate regulations that are compatible with the Corporation’s scope of work to promote high quality and outstanding performance by choosing the appropriate and effective methods to realize the Corporation plans and objectives.


The Corporation shall develop and implement a corporate governance system through developing a financial policy which is considered as a corner stone, and reviewing the human resources regulations and procedures as well as the personnel and customers charters.


Maritime Transport - Cruiser “Abra”

This project aims at creating the first maritime transport platform for the residents of the Emirate of Ajman in line with the increasing population growth, and providing maritime transport service to the largest segment of Ajman residents . The project shall cover three maritime stations which shall contribute to providing a new transport service and creating an attractive element of the transport system hence demonstrating good and civilized image of the Emirate.


Sawary Limousine

Soiree Limousine service aims at providing luxurious vehicles equipped with the highest degree of safety to all community segments of the Emirate of Ajman in a manner exceeding their expectations and ensuring their happiness in conformity with the sophisticated image of Ajman.


Development of Technical center

The project aims at providing technical services (vehicles maintenance and repair) for the Corporation buses and vehicles and marketing of the center services to government entities, insurance companies and external customers, in order to provide them with maintenance and repair service sevices.