Ajman Public Transport Corporation ("APTC") is keen to follow up and apply policies and practices recommended by the Online Sharing Guidance Manual, issued by the Federal E-Government. For more information regarding the social media and open data manual, please press here.

Public Online Sharing Policy:

Online sharing means public participation in decision making by sharing proposals, observations, joint opinions on technology use and online sharing tools, in support of better service.

APTC is offering different online sharing channels for customers, to express their views and proposals in support of the efforts taken to enhance customers’ satisfaction and to improve the quality of supplied services. APTC focuses on the concept of transparency in communicating with customers through available online channels, to enable the public and customers to express their views, or provide observations regarding APTC, its strategic objectives and to listen to different opinions, to promote services supplied by APTC, and to ensure the achievement of customers satisfaction.

Public Conduct

APTC has full right to ban or remove any materials or comments that do not comply with applicable terms, such as:

  • Any out-of-context , or irrelative comments;
  • Any faith abusive language.
  • Discriminative comments.
  • Comments that support illegal activities.
  • Comments that violate any legal or intellectual property rights.
  • Security threatening sources.
  • That abuse or disrespect privacy
  • That contain improper language
  • That breach any law, regulation or applicable policy 

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